Hello fellow Soul-Traveler!!! I'm soooooo grateful to connect with you!

I thought I'd take this time & space to share a little about who I am & what led to the creation of The Academy of Light!

I've been on a path of Soul Awakening, Self Discovery & Internal Growth for as long as I can remember! I discovered yoga & meditation when I was 14 & this completely changed my life! I finally had a place to "go" where I felt normal....myself....where I didn't have to hide & where I could feel connected to what was "real"!

Since that time....I completed a 4-year Honours degree in Health Sciences, 2 years Holistic Health Practitioner Certification, Reiki Master Training, Sound Practitioner program, Yoga Teacher's Training, Theta Healing Certification, Angel Healing program & Light Language training! Looking back....I've created & experienced sooooo much!

While working at the Ministry of Health in Toronto, I started my own business in holistic healing & energy work, offered healing services at Grail Springs in Bancroft, was hired as a consultant to create a wellness resort in Muskoka, returned to the Transformational Arts College as a teacher, continued to growth my business, created my own training programs in the healing arts & self development, moved to LA to explore my own spiritual path, met my now-husband, traveled around the world & finally made my way back to Canada!

....My business has taken on a new look....ever-evolving to serve the direction of my soul & the best way to be of service to clients!

I offer Soul Sessions....which include energy work, soul coaching, mentoring.....and alllllllll the tools that I've integrated over the years that prove to be highly transformative!

My husband & I welcomed in a new little being into our life....Aria Sky....we LOVE her! She is a beautiful, clear light! Together we run Soul Awakening workshops, live events & retreats around the world!

Life is a beautiful expression of wonder, light & pure joy! I feel extremely grateful to be here, at this time! Grateful for the creative life force that flows through me! Grateful for the 10, 000+ clients I've connected with in over 13 countries! Grateful for the 1000+ students who have powerfully participated in my certification programs & who are out there even more powerfully impacting the world! Sooooooo deeply grateFULL for all the life experience to-date & all that is to come!

If you feel called to participate in this spiritual, self-discovery journey with me.....I'd LOVE to be of service & guide you the ways that are perfect, highest alignment for YOU!!!!!

If you have any questions......please reach out & connect!

BIG hugs & TONS of LOVE your way!


Tara Antler